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Ante Sladic Wines by Wine Lover's Croatia

Wine: Ante Sladic Lasina 2017

Vintage: 2017

Tasted: March 2020

Variety: Lasina

Alc 13%

Ante Sladic is one of the most interesting winemakers of Central Dalmatia. He has taken over the family winery that has been dealing with local varieties for generations. They are known for producing great wines from Debit, Marastina, Lasina and Plavina grapes. Winery is located inland from Sibenik, very close to town of Skradin and Krka Waterfalls National Park. Here, the influence of the hot sun beating down on carst vineyards of the seaside is lessened and the area provides for a cooler growing conditions perfect for lighter wines. Sladic’s Lasina is a proof that well crafted lighter red wines can indeed be made in the hot regions of Croatian south.

Lighter in depth, but beautifully radiant ruby colour.

Aromas of dried fruits follow rich cherry and sour cherry syrup. Primary fruity aromas while very pleasing are by no means the entire story in this wine that also boasts clean vanilla as well as hints of smoke.

On the palate Lasina is energetic and vibrant, with plenty of sour cherry jam, blackberry and black current hard candy flavours with refined tannins to complete the picture. Refreshing acidity and very respectable finish will give you enough time to enjoy each sip before undoubtedly coming back for another one.

This wine would do well with prosciuttos, especially those that are lighter with less of smoky notes. Salmon based dishes come to mind as well. Salmon spinach noodles might be our number one pick for this Lasina. Aside from variety of lean red meat dishes and oily fish dishes, you will not regreat if you reach for this bottle as an accompanying piece for Pizza Margherita.


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