Thu. May 30th, 2024

Wine Experiences

Wine tours Croatia. Croatia is not the first country that comes to mind when you think of wine tours. However, this Eastern-Mediterranean travel hotspot is actually an amazing destination for thirsty travelers.

For centuries, Croatian wine scene was growing and changing. Generations of local vintners left behind a long legacy and diversity of local varieties. Today, Croatia is home to some 120 indigenous grape varieties. It is an impressive figure for a country of less than 4 million people. Many know Croatia as a travel hotspot. Few know its wines.

New generations of travelers today enjoy nothing more than to discover new and authentic local experiences. This is especially true for food and wine scene. Indeed, getting to know a foreign culture is so much easier and more rewarding through local eats and drinks. Make sure you get the best of Croatia when visiting by booking tours carefully selected by local wine experts.

Enjoy exploring the most beautiful Croatian wine regions. Immerse in local lifestyle. Taste your way around one of the Europe’s most magical countries. Find our approved wine tours and experiences on

Take a trip around boutique family wineries and local eateries and learn about the long and rich history of Croatian wine.