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Croatian Wine Tasting

Croatian Wine Tasting

News: More Medals for Croatian Wines than Ever on Decanter 2020

Croatian winemakers have won impressive 226 various medals and recognitions on Decanter World Wine Awards 2020. Out of these, there are 11 gold medals and 3 platinum ones. This is the best result for our wines thus far and one everyone is hoping to beat already in 2021.

Croatian wines are nothing new at Decanter World Wine Awards. They have been receiving various awards through the years. In fact, the main problem seemed to be too few wines being registered for this esteemed wine event. Due to the effort of a few national outlets and wine professionals including one of the country’s top sommeliers Sinisa Lasan, Decanter competition is growing in popularity among Croatian winemakers. It seems more of them are recognising the need to be showcased internationally, even though sales happen mainly locally. Perhaps this is the main take away for Croatian wine lovers. It seems the time has arrived for Croatian wines to become recognised for that they are outside of the national borders.

We will be doing our part, as we are back in force following a summer rest. We will be bringing you the tasting of some of the best rated Croatian wines on Decanter very soon. For now, we’re sending a big heartfelt congratulation to all the medal winners!

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