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Our Complete Course on Croatian Wine is Finally Coming Out!

It is with great pleasure and pride that we are finally able to announce the release of the first ever online course on Croatian wine. This exciting project sees our Bozidar Jukic @croatian_wine_guy take the participants through the rich and sometimes complex world of Croatian wine regions, varieties and wines. To our knowledge this is the only serious course on Croatian wine accessible in English language. This makes it all the more exciting to be the first to break the ice and reveal the wealth of our national wine scene.

Croatian wine? Really?

Yes, really. Around 2500 years of tradition and wealth of indigenous varieties are all waiting for you to discover them. We’ve kept Croatian wine a secret for a long time with low export numbers. Today, this country sees around 1600 professional producers mainly producing characterful wines on small scale, making Croatia a true boutique wine market. The diversity among the regions is incredible for such a small country. But, reasons for you to care about what’s happening in Croatia lie beyond the sheer curiosity. Fact is, Croatian wines today are really good. Regardless of the region or the style of wine, there is much for international wine lovers to discover in Croatia. You will be hearing more about this country’s wines in the near future.

Who is your Complete Course on Croatian Wine made for?

Our Complete Course on Croatian Wine is suitable to a broad audience by design. Beginners will understand and follow the structure without much problem. To make sure of this, we’ve included a helpful glossary with basic terms explained. On the other hand, wine professionals and experienced enthusiasts will learn about exciting wine regions and varieties they are not familiar with. Professionals in the world of wine will get enough working knowledge to be able to start adding Croatian wines to their wine lists and wine shop inventories. All this is a part of this short, user-friendly course, that also comes with plenty of downloadable content.

How to Get It?

The course will be accessible to enrol starting November 2022 with early bird discounts available. The easiest way to get to the course is through our website. We will be running regular promotions to make sure we reach as many knowledge-hungry wine nerds as possible.

Stay tuned!

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3 thoughts on “Our Complete Course on Croatian Wine is Finally Coming Out!

  1. Wood like to Have a list of Croatian Wines, special Grasevina Krauthaker. Do know Mr. Krauthker personally, and his technolog.
    E-mail mi how to order club wines. I’m member of WSJ Wine.

    1. Dear Frank,
      there are approximately 1600 producers in Croatia so a list of Croatian Wines would be tricky to produce. If you are referring to wines you can order in USA, check out the website of Croatian Premium Imports. IF you use our promo code “bo” you can get 10% off your first purchase. Send us an e-mail at for any further information you might need and thank you for reading!

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