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Milos Stagnum

Miloš Stagnum 2013

It’s definitely no news Miloš Family Winery is one of my favourite wineries in Croatia. I’m not being particularly edgy by choosing them either, as their imprint on the wine map of Croatia has been undeniable. Their wines are incredibly age-worthy. For a relatively small organic winery, this is pretty unusual. The care they take in order to produce wines that showcase the terroir and primary aromas of local varieties is quite impressive. Of course, there is one label that stands above the rest in this winery too. Miloš Stagnum is the name of their premium red. It is 100% old-vine Plavac Mali wine aged for 10 years before being released on the market. It usually spends 6 years in neutral oak and 4 years in bottles. 

Their 2013 vintage Stagnum is now officially out and available to purchase. So, what can you expect from this one?

Colour is of medium intensity. It is ruby with lovely bronze tones.

On the nose, Miloš Stagnum 2013 is complex and intriguing. Medium intensity aromas are those of sour cherry jam, plum jam, sun dried figs, blueberry, leather, and barnyard.

Palate is where this one stops the show. First thing that hits you is the youthfulness. 10 years of ageing wasn’t enough to dull out the vibrancy of this Stagnum. The acidity is very much still there as are famous Plavac Mali tannins. They are still a bit grippy, but fine-grained. This wine is bone dry. 15,5% alcohol seems just about fitting.

This is a great wine that is way too young after 10 years of ageing. It can go on for so much more. I am certain this one will develop into one of the most exciting Stagnums produced in the last two decades. Buy now, drink in 7-10 years.

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