Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

News: Coronavirus Brings Wine Events to a Halt in Croatia

As Coronavirus entered Croatia and started spreading the government has imposed a partial lockdown mode. This means no free movement and no social gatherings, including events.

Being very close to Italy, many Croatians find themselves travelling across the border for business or pleasure on a regular basis. This is exactly how Covid 19 was brought into the country. Having Italy as an example of what horrible consequences on the local population the virus can have, Croatians are taking the safe route by limiting gatherings, socialising, even movement of people outside of their place of residence. Because of all this, all major wine events scheduled for March and April have been cancelled or postponed.

We will cover all the alternative dates of the events when and if they are set. For now, wine world of Croatia seems very quiet. In fact, it simply moved as many other things did, from public spaces to private homes and social media. We still enjoy wine alone or with our loved ones. We still comment on it with friends. We are simply doing all this online.

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