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Kolaric Coletti Amfora 2017

Wine: Coletti Amfora 2017

Vintage: 2017

Tasting: January 2020

Variety: Pinot Grigio

Kolaric Winery from Plesivica region – south of Zagreb –  is well known in Croatia for producing lovely sparkling wines and white wines with special emphasis on Pinot Grigio, Silvaner, and local varieties. Their latest addition to the offer is quite ambitious. Coletti Amfora is an orange wine made from 100% Pinot Grigio, fermented in traditional Georgian amphorae – Qvevri (Kvevri). It is packaged in ceramic bottles and as such definitely grabs immediate attention of perspective buyers.

Aside from a beautiful off-white ceramic bottle, the wine itself looks very inviting. Colour is deep amber going to orange with and addition of rose gold. One could even mistake it for a rose, but only on the first glance.

On the nose it reveals quickly and without reservation it’s an orange wine. Fruity aromas are those of very ripe yellow apples, orange zest, orange marmalade, pears. Sweet spicy notes cap off a lovely impression with plenty of promise for what is to follow.

On the palate, the wine is very rich. Ripe fruit in the forefront, but there are so many other notes as well, ripe figs, warm floral aromas… There is a hint of almond bitterness that fits perfectly as well. Well balanced wine with long duration.

If you are not enjoying this wine on its own, balancing with food leaves plenty of options. I personally enjoy pairing this type of orange wines with various vegan dishes as the richness of the wine goes well with expressive aromas of spices and crunchy vegetables, as well as with earthy aromas of tofu or seitan for example. When it comes to meat dishes, this is a wine paired well with various poultry dishes, preferably with an Asian flare to them. Pork dishes would also love this wine.

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