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Wine: Grgurevic Sivi 2016

Vintage: 2016

Tasted: June 2020 no

Variety: Plavac Sivi

Alcohol level: 12%

Anto Grgurevic is a fifth generation winemaker in his family. He creates interesting, expressive wines on Croatia’s renowned Peljesac Peninsula using local varieties. He’s phylosophy says ypu have a very limited number of vintages in a lifetime and if you want to create something important, you need to start innovating and experimenting as soon as possible. His wines are bold, interesting, different and produced in limited numbers. We tried a macerated white or orange wine produced using very rare albino Plavac Mali – Plavac Sivi.

Wine is the colour of slightly aged gold, clear and deep.

Grgurevic Sivi needs to breathe a bit before diving into it. Its rich and complex aromas invite you to untangle them and enjoy each one separately. There to pick out are aromas of toasted hazelnut, orange zest, cooked apple, honey.

Mouthfeel is rich and powerful. Flavours of apple compote and peach jam are mixed with secondary notes of vanilla and hint of smoke. Subtle bitterness adds to an already complex experience. Medium acidity means the wine will develop more in the following 5 or so years. Rather long finish completes the picture.

Sivi is a rich wine and as such needs to be paired carefully, but has the potential of adding amazing value to meals. My personal pairing picks would include pork based dishes including a suckling pig roast. Chicken in peanut sauce would also work beautifully with Grgurevic Sivi. This wine is also vegan, so it scores additional points when paired with vegan food. In this case, I would recommended various risottos with turmeric based spice palate, dishes featuring sm oked tofu or seitan.

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