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Wine Lover's Croatia - Baraka Timbar 2016

Wine: Baraka Timbar Riserva 2016

Vintage: 2016

Tasted: June 2020

Variety: Babić

Alc 13,5%

Baraka family winery in Sibenik area is ran by Filip Baraka, young and energetic winemaker with propensity to innovate, but only after paying due respect to rich traditions of the area in which he lives and creates his wines. His winery itself is a beautiful place to visit located on Srima Peninsula, close to historical town of Sibenik. Surrounding the winery and cellar are grapevines, olive trees and dry stone walls. This karst terrain is perfect for bearing grapes that can be turned into wines of strong character. The intent of the Barakas is on keeping the soil in the vineyard alive and their viticulture practices sustainable. I’ve had a pleasure of visiting them in the summer of the turbulent 2020 and trying some of their wines. Their Timbar Riserva 2016, made with indigenous Babic variety was very interesting indeed.

Wine is of medium intensity ruby colour going slightly to tones of purple

Fruity aromas of blueberry, blackberry and candied sour cherry dominate. Adding to the experience are notes of dried Mediterranean herbs and tomato leaf. Aromas on the nose are a surprise for a variety that is often known for pleasant, albeit predictable notes of dried fruits. Wine has been aged for 12 months in a combination of American and French oak barrique barrels, half of which were new. Consequently, sweet spices (most of which: vanilla) can be felt, but are never overbearing.

Wine is warm, but energetic thanks to lovely acidity that extends over the midway point. Tannins are strong and well integrated. Flavours profile is predominantly fruity with spicy secondary aromas given to it by the wood playing an important role as well. This is a well-structured wine of wonderful mouthfeel. The finish is reasonably long, flavours fade away gracefully.

Interesting and lively, this wine is a wonderful accompanying piece for a protein rich, heavier foods. I’d like to try one of only 1024 bottles of Timbar 2016 released with barbecue ribs without too much sweetness or hotness in the sauce, venison medallions in thick sauce, or – for a more local pairing – lamb made under traditional iron bell „Peka“. Vegan pairings would have to offer plenty of strong aromas. Black beans and smoked tofu stew sounds like the right choice

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