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Wine: Testament Opolo 2019 & Babic 2017

Testament winery is a young winery on Croatian wine scene, but that didn’t stop them from taking a strong stand right from the beginning. Started by Swedish investors / Croatia lovers, Testament employs top quality local talent. They managed to bring the rating of their wines up to enviable heights in a short amount of time. It is hardly a wonder their wines are already exported to 10 international markets.

Testament Opolo 2019

Vintage: 2019

Tasted: April 2021

Variety: Babic

Alc: 11%

Colour of the wine is of light to medium intensity. Inviting shades of salmon with peach coloured rim makes this a beautiful wine to behold. The wine is clear.

Nose is clean with aromas of cranberry, ripe peach and florals. There is a hint of salinity detected on the nose as well.

In the mouth there is a hint of tannin. Medium plus acidity, low alcohol and absence of residual sugar make the wine refreshing and lively. Subtle fruit and floral aromas are complimented with salty character coming from the soil.

Although light and subtle, this rose is a lovely food wine for the right pairing. Fresh oysters, Istrian prosciutto, sushi, beef carpaccio, tuna tartare or caprese salad; all of these options would work lovely with Testament Opolo. Wonderful acidity and minerality will act as a great palate cleanser. Don’t be afraid to pair this wine with some spicier oriental dishes as well.

Testament Babic 2017

Vintage: 2017

Tasted: April 2021

Variety: Babic

Alc: 13,5%

Wine is clear and of medium intensity. The colour is varietal purple/ruby.

Clean on the nose. Dominant aromas are of cocoa powder, sour cherry compote, raspberry and blueberry juice. Secondary aromas of wood, smoke and a hint of vanilla add to the bouquet. Aromas are of medium intensity.

Wine is dry with medium tannins, medium alcohol levels and medium acidity. It is beautifully balanced with fruity and spicy aromas. Finish is medium and dissipates elegantly. Testament Babic is a pleasant and refreshing red wine with lean body that makes it very versatile.

Food pairing for this babic wine are plentiful. It will work well with a variety of red meat dishes. Enjoy it with tuna steak, dalmatinska przolica (flat steak), Croatian veal under the iron bell (Peka), tomato sauce pasta, beef pasta or pizza margherita

Check out our Instagram video tasting with Juraj from Testament Winery and Diana of #girlsdrinkwinetoo

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