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Iconic Dalmatian Wines 2021

Event: Iconic Dalmatian Wines 2021

This year’s Iconic Dalmatian Wines event (Dalmatinske vinske ikone) will take place on the 23rd of October in Split. This prestigious wine event showcasing some of the best wines of Dalmatia is a must-visit for all those fortunate enough to find themselves close enough to make the trip to Split.

Dalmatia is not only a historical wine region. Also, it holds more indigenous wine varieties than all other major wine regions in Croatia combined. The diversity of local terroir and the abundance of amazing vineyard locations guarantee rich offer. However, it is not the quantity that is the focus of this event, but rather quality. All the featured wine makers will be able to enter only two of their wines on the event. The idea is to showcase the high quality standards of modern Dalmatian wines.

The main event will be set in Kampus Restaurant, part of University of Split on the 23rd October between 2pm and 7pm. All those interested in top quality wines will do well to mark this date on their calendars. Preceding the main event, several interesting wine workshops will take place on 22nd of October.

Iconic Dalmatian Wines 2021 poster

Iconic Dalmatian Wines 2021 guarantees to be an interesting event that will once again prove the quality levels of Croatian wines demand international attention.

More information is available on the official Facebook page of Vino Dalmacije association:


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