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Bozidar Jukic Vinocom2022

VINOcom 2022 Report

VINOcom 2022 went off without a hitch! The biggest Croatian wine festival VINOcom did not disappoint. After 2 long years of cancellations due to COVID, 2022 was ripe for the festival’s 15th iteration.

With two sets of exhibitors over four days of festival, this year’s VINOcom was the biggest one yet. The sheer number of wineries on display was impressive enough. However, some of the fresh forces on display and a huge turn out suggests VINOcom’s future is bright indeed. One of the defining parts of VINOcom are various wine workshops going on during the duration of the festival. While we didn’t attend all of them, some of the most impressive were the tasting by Albert Bichot winery and the vertical tasting of Kurtalj Winery’s Pinot Noir 7 vintages.


Croatian wine trends seen on VINOcom 2022

The overall trend in the world of Croatian wine is the continuation of raising quality levels. Also, plenty of new sub-regions are making their own mark on the market. Perfect example of this would be Moslavina sub-region which is seeing its local winemakers promoting Škrlet – local indigenous variety – as their flagship.

One more take away from this and similar recent events is the increasing need towards defining quality and style standards. Local winemakers from various regions seem hesitant to agree on stylistic characteristics of their wines. However, this might serve to help our smaller sub-regions or appellations become recognisable and stand out among foreign competition.

We will be brining plenty of wine reviews from the festival as well as some workshop reports. In the meantime, if you missed VINOcom, make sure you don’t make the same mistake next year. Alternatively, you still have a chance to make it to WineOS 2023 in January and VinArt Grand Tasting in March. More info coming up.

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