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Wine: Malvasija Karaman 2018

Vintage: 2018

Tasting: April 2020

Variety: Malvasija Dubrovacka

Malvasija Dubrovacka is a special variety for Dubrovnik region. Written evidence of planting this variety and using it to make great wines dates back to 14th century. It is genetically identical to Malvasia delle Lipari, Malvasia di Sardegna and few others in Italy and Spain. It was historically used to make sweet wine, but is today mainly known for fruity, dry whites in Southern Croatia. During the time of socialism and socialised cooperatives in ex-Yugoslavia, Malvasija Dubrovacka fell out of grace and was neglected to a point where it almost went extinct in Croatia. Thankfully, it was saved by the Agriculturar College of Zagreb University and replanted after Croatian War for Indepence (1991-1996) in Konavle region – its historical homes south of Dubrovnik. Mr. Niko Karaman was one of the key people in reviving the variety and he now produces a few lovely Malvasija Dubrovacka based wines.

Light golden with a hint of lemon. Colour is of medium intensity and promises an ample white wine.

Primary aromas of stone fruit, most notably apricot. Mineral notes present as well in aromas of sea salt. There are plenty of warm, sunny aromas of dried fruits, apricot jam, pineapple, yellow flowers.  Rich wine on the nose.

On the palate the wine exhibits power and warmth. It is a true southern white, rich with aromas and with plenty of body. The winemaker was able to get the acidity on point for it to be able to contend with 14% alcohol level. There is a long finish to this white wine.

This Malvasija Dubrovacka is quite ample, so it’s best pairing will probably not be the lightest of seafood like fresh oysters or flaky fish carpaccios. However, this is very much a food wine that would hold its own with more ample food like chicken filet in orange and honey sauce, chicken salads, grilled seabass, fried sardines with potatoe salad (Traditional light lunch in Dubrovnik) and many more.

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