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Wine: Matosevic Grimalda Crna 2017

Vintage: 2017

Tasted: January 2020

Variety: Teran (85%), Merlot (15%)

Matosevic winery in Istria is well known around Croatian wine lover’s circles. They are an estate winery producing wonderfully crafted wines paying special attention to the expressions of terroir. Perhaps a bit better known for their white wine, Matosevic winery also boasts a lovely red called Matosevic Grimalda Crna (Matosevic Grimalda Red) with Grimalda being the name of the position. Their 2017 vintage is on the market in 2020 and it is a great purchase at around 17-20€ in Croatian retail. For a wine which will develop further with a bit of aging, you might say this price is a steal.

Red and dark berry aromas dominate on the nose, with an unmistakeable addition of seductive floral aromas that make themselves known right from the start. There is plenty of dark cherry, cranberry, blackberry as well as some sweet spicy aromas, lovely signature of barrique French barrel.

More spicy aromas on the palate, giving additional structure and assertiveness to this fruity wine. Vanilla, carob, light touch of wood… Pleasant acidity and tame alcohol levels make the wine nimble and drinkable. Plenty of complexity has been packed into its medium body.

This wine will carry its own with a range of foods. Pairing it will lighter and medium heavy red meat dishes will always be a good idea. If you want something more creative, think wild fowl like wild duck or pheasant. Liver dishes without thick sauces would also offer and interesting companion piece to this wine. Aside from meat, Matosevic Grimalda Crna would do well with a nice grilled tuna steak, or a nice homemade pasta with tomato sauce.

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