Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Wines + Makers

Croatian wines might just be the next big thing for upscale international restaurants. They are diverse and characterful, yet very much unknown. So, they have an undeniable appeal for many wine enthusiasts looking for something new and exciting.

We are bringing our own descriptions of Croatian wines by our Bozidar “Bo” Jukic from all corners of the country. As Croatia is very diverse with regards to the climate and soils, so is the offer of wines among different regions. From the southernmost region of Dalmatia, where you can find the most indigenous varieties, come fuller reds with strong tannin structure. White wines are usually medium to full in body as well and quite fruity. In Istria & Kvarner Region you can find elegant medium body wines. White Malvasija Istriana grape rules supreme there. In Croatian Uplands you will find the coolest ripening conditions in the country. This central region does best with crisp whites, wonderful sparkling wines and fruity reds. Slavonia is the highest output region and is famous for Graševina grapes.

Seeing how this country is a true boutique production wine market, we will bring you stories of Croatian winemakers as well. Indeed, with over 1600 professional wineries around, we will not run out of material anytime soon.